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Geo-spatial-temporal COVID-19 simulations and visualizations over USA

Posted 1 year ago
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Please refer to the published notebook @ spatial-temporal COVID-19 simulations and visualizations over USA.

Document too big to upload into the community.

Enjoy. enter image description here

Posted 1 year ago

Hi Diego, congratulations on an excellent job and it was extremely useful to follow your very detailed explanations.

I am trying to replicate this study for Brazil and I am almost done. However, the last graph, which shows the quarantine effect, I suppose is missing some part of the code.

q = Plot[Evaluate[
   data["results", "simulations", #, "functions", "infectedNation"][
      t] & /@ Reverse[Keys[data["results", "simulations"]]]], {t, 1, 
   maxTime}, PlotTheme -> "Detailed", 
  PlotLabel -> "US -Infected Population Fraction", 
  FrameLabel -> {"Days", "Infected Fraction"}, 
  PlotLegends -> 
   Placed[Style[#, FontSize -> 9] & /@ {"No Quarantine", "T=100", 
      "T=95", "T=85", "T=75", "T=65"}, Bottom], AspectRatio -> 1/5, 
  ImageSize -> 620]



it has not yet been calculated according to the notebook you kindly provided. Could you explain how you managed to obtain these values, please?

Thank you very much in advance and congratulations again!

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