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Assign functions to axes?

Posted 2 months ago
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I want to plot z=cos(x)+jsin(x), with cos(x) at x-axis and sin(x) at the y, I basically wanna how to assign any function to any axes and plot.

Is this what you had in mind?

enter image description here

And here's a way to plot the variation with x and y separately, by putting tubes on the coordinate planes. The last line is just to have nice tubes instead of just one-dimensional-looking curves. To be honest, I'm still unsure how /. Line[pts, rest__] :> Tube[pts, 0.1, rest] works exactly, I just got it from somewhere in the Mathematica Help, for "Tubes", I think.

enter image description here

And finally, we can combine the plots using Show[ ], placing the options at the end.

enter image description here

Let me know if there are any questions.

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