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Solve a problem with remote kernels configuration?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hello everybody !

I want Mathematica 12 on my Macbook Pro ("client" in what follows) to connect to Mathematica on a quad core iMac (Personal Use License, named "host" in what follows) to distribute quite a heavy computation across parallel kernels.

1. I first thoroughly went through the tutorials on both Lightweight Grid manager as well as remote kernels configuration, but I can't make either work. Lightweight Grid manager works fine on my host: what is recommended to check at

was checked, but when my cleitn tries to connnect to the host, RemoteServicesAgents[] does return the IPv6 address of my host but LightWeightGrid would not connect to it. I tried to run HostLookup[IPAddress[...]] where the dots stand for the IPv6 address of the host and the function would not find the host; thinking that there could be an issue with IPv6 instead of IPv4 addresses, I disables IPv6 addressing on both computers and restarted both systems, but the gridMathematica server would still produce the same IPv6 address and the problem would persist.

2. Next, I tried the remote kernel activation, by using the shell command
ssh -x -f -l 'myusername' 'host.local /Applications/ -wstp -linkmode connect tcpip -linkname linkernel -subkernel -noinit > & /dev/null &

which fails, returning the error

SubKernels::Subkernels:: Timeout for subkernels, received 0 out of 4 connections." I extended the time constraint, to no avail. Moreoverm when I execute the command above in the cleitn terminal shell, I get the message

LinkConnect::linkc: -- Message text not found -- (LinkObject[linkernel, 3, 1])

Of course the two computers are configured to communicate through a private/public ssh key pair and I have tested this separately in advance on the terminal and it works juts fine.

(Maybe) a hint: when I try to use URLRead["host.lan"], URLRead would fail to connect, even if I supplement it with Usernae and Password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



2 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Hi Juan, yes I did, somehow: eventually I installed the update of Mathematica restarted my computer and WolframLightweight Grid started to work. I did not try anymore to invoke the remote kernels with the functionality available through the Remote Kernel window.

Best, Mirko

I'm having a similar error in a different scenario for launching remote kernels. Did you figure it out?

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