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Covid-19 Forecast based on ECDC Country Data

Posted 2 months ago
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I'm working in as public nonprofit website to show Brazil Covid-19 cases (, and would like to know how can I use the models in:

In the forecast of Covid-19 spreading in my country (or any other).

To get any country data, I'm using information

getCovidDataECDC[date_String]:= Module[{r, url, file, heads},
    heads = {"date","day","month","year","cases","deaths","country","geoId"};  
    url = ""<>date<>".xlsx";
    r = First@Import@URLDownload[url]/.(d_DateObject :> DateString[d, {"Year", "-", "Month", "-", "Day"}]);
    r = AssociationThread[heads -> #]&/@Rest@r//KeyDrop[{"day", "month", "year"}];
$covidDataECDC = getCovidDataECDC["2020-03-20"]

And you can get a country data using:

getCountryData // ClearAll
getCountryData[countryCode_, arg_]:= getCountryData[countryCode][arg]
getCountryData[countryCode_]:= Module[{data},
    data = Select[$covidDataECDC, #[["geoId"]] == countryCode&];
    data = SortBy[data, #[["data"]]&];
    data[[All, "casesAcc"]] = Accumulate@data[[All, "cases"]];
    data[[All, "deaths"]] = Accumulate@data[[All, "deaths"]];
    <|"population"-> CountryData[countryCode, "Population"]
    , "data"-> data

As you can see, things are starting to getting exponential here:

            getCountryData["BR", "data"][[All, {"date", "casesAcc"}]]
        , PlotRange->{{"2020-02-25", "2020-03-20"}, All}

enter image description here

Any clue?

2 Replies

"Getting the data into a model" is essentially the process of fitting the adjustable parameters of a model so that the model predicts the data as closely as possible. One needs to fit the data for each country separately. For the influenza models I was able to use NonlinearModelFit because there were data available for only one compartment. For the COVID-19 models, I'm trying to fit confirmed case, recovered cases, and deaths, so I've been using NMinimize along with a custom function that computes the sum of squared errors of the model with a given set of parameter values against the observed data. So far, I have not found a model structure that allows me to do this with a sufficient degree of accuracy. Success depends very much on the choice of terms in the model, which is equivalent to the compartments and connections in the compartmental models I'm using.

Tks Robert. I got your point. I'm working in some models. If I get something interesting I'll put it here.

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