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How can I use Tooltip with ListContourPlot and ContourLabels?

Hello everyone,

I am curious whether one can use Tooltip with ContourLabels in the ListContourPlot function.

I know that you can us ContourLabels->Automatic which adds the mouseover labels, but I would like to modify those labels, e.g., apply a function to the default values, and add text like "%".

I know that I could use something like:
ContourLabels ->
Function[{x, y, z}, Text[Round[z, .1], {x, y}, Background -> White]]
if I want the labels to be there permanently, but I don't, which is why I specifically would like to konw if Tooltip can be used.

Also, as a separate question, is there any reason that my contour plots will sometime (often?) have lines that don't complete a circuit and just add "random" line segments to my plot.


POSTED BY: Matty Mookerjee
4 Replies

Sorry that it has take so long to reply.

Thank you for the link, but unfortunately, I can't seem to make those instructions work.  I just get the broken image icon that you seen in the above post.  I have tried using both Chrome and Firefox.  I have reduced the image size substantially, but I still get the broken image icon.  

When I choose the jpg from my desktop in the Upload tab it says that it is uploading the image and then fills in the URL line with: /c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=Contours&dots-smaller.jpg&userId=190664, but when I click OK: broken image icon. Any suggestions?

POSTED BY: Matty Mookerjee
POSTED BY: Matty Mookerjee
See, bottom of opening post, for how to
include pictures and graphics.

Please try again.  A plot would be helpful.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Below is an illustration of the line segments that I was refering to from the ListContourPlot function. &nbsp;I have tried varying the InterpolationOrder value, but that had no effect.<br> <br>I would appreciate any advise anyone could give.<br> <br>Thanks&nbsp;<br><br><img alt="" data-cke-saved-src="/c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=Contours.jpg&amp;userId=190664" src="/c/portal/getImageAttachment?filename=Contours.jpg&amp;userId=190664" style="float: left; width: 800px; height: 800px;">
POSTED BY: Matty Mookerjee
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