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Do a Scheduled Task in cloud run in 5 and 5 minutes?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi,   I'm trying to do a Scheduled Task in 5 and 5 minutes in wolfram cloud, using cron notation as:

        ,"*/5 * * * *"

But it executes from 30 to 30 minutes (I can check in

Can I setup some parameter in my Wolfram Cloud so I can do it in 5 and 5 minutes? Is this a Cloud Limit for time interval?

In this documentation examples, it runs ever minute:

example for ever minute

2 Replies

Hi Rodrigo!

Sadly, the AutoRefreshed[] function only in the order of minutes depending on your Wolfram Cloud plan. If you have the free one, it should only work for the setting "Hourly" and beyond.

Hope I could help you..!


Thanks for your answer Pedro. I’ll ask the support whats is my plan. I can’t find in the interface.

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