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Pedro Cabral
Pedro Cabral
Federal University of CearĂ¡ | Past: Wolfram, Looqbox
LOCATION: Fortaleza, Brazil
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I'm a Computer Scientist, Data Scientist and Developer. Computer Science Undergraduate at UFC. Former WRI Intern Consultant.

I love computer science, functional programming, compilers, interpreters, finite state automatons, computational complexity, and much more!

My journey started when I was 9 years old: I wanted to create Minecraft mods and plugins using Java, that's 10 years since then! I'm currently 18 years old.

I have been fascinated for computers and calculators since then. A desire for learning more about every software and hardware grew more and more.

I have a co-author tile of two scientific articles and I've helped with two master's articles.

I have participated in many scientific olympiads (computer science, robotics, math, rockets, and satellites), I have a silver medal in the 2020 Brazilian Satellite Olympiad.