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Pedro Cabral
Pedro Cabral
Computer Science Undergraduate at UFC - Former WRI Intern Consultant
LOCATION: Fortaleza, Brazil
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My name is Pedro Cabral. I code since I was 9 years old. I'm deeply passionate about computer science, mathematics and philosophy.

I've worked as a Data Scientist at Looqbox, and on Wolfram Research Inc. as an Intern Consultant in 2020. I've wrote scientific articles and done data analysis at the Astrophysics and Cosmology Laboratory at IFCE.

I've participated on many academic olympiads (informatics, robotics, mathematics, rockets, and satellites), I have a silver medal at the Brazillian Satellite Olympiad of 2020. I like many topics, ranging from astronomy and astrophysics to philosophy and psychology.

I can code in many languages. My favorite languages are: TypeScript, Wolfram Language, Rust, APL, Julia, Python, 05AB1E, Assembly x86, and Common Lisp.