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Pedro Cabral
Pedro Cabral
Student Ambassador at Wolfram | Data Scientist at Looqbox | CS at UNIFOR
LOCATION: Fortaleza, Brazil
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Hello! I'm Pedro, but you can call me "Cabral". I'm a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Fortaleza. I'm also a former Wolfram Research Intern Consultant.

My expertise is in software development, computer science in research, data science, and data engineering. I have worked with clients in a variety of industries, helping them to make use of data to solve their problems and improve their business.

• I use Rust to create strong, reliable, concurrent, and safe software. • I use Python to create data processing pipelines, and outside the box data visualizations. • I use the Wolfram Language to prototype the most efficient industry-ready solutions in the shortest time.

I am passionate about computer science and its potential to make a positive impact on businesses and society.

• I am a team player who is always willing to share my knowledge and expertise with others. Helping my teammates is my number one priority. • I am a creative problem-solver who is able to think outside the box to find solutions. I value creativity and innovation more than doing the same things over and over. • I am a highly technical player that does leave their soft-skills behind. Communication is information, and information is everything for me.

I hope one day to create something that will benefit the entire planet earth, and I'm willing to do everything to make that happen.