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[NB] US Counties COVID-19 deaths plot

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I've found the NY Times plots here to be pretty useful:

But I wanted to be able to tinker with them. I already created ResourceFunction["NYTimesCOVID19Data"] (link) for retrieving the NY Times data. Now, I made the following notebook to create timeline plots, like the ones on the NY Times website. That website has plots for Countries and US States, but not for US Counties, so that is the first plot I made.

A side affect of this work was two new resource functions "TimeSeriesAlign" and "TimeSeriesSelect", which were published the function repository today.

At the end of the notebook, I show how to create this web form. I will not be keeping that up-to-date, but you can create and deploy your own copy and make improvements.

I hope some other people find this useful too. Stay safe out there folks.

POSTED BY: Bob Sandheinrich
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Posted 4 years ago

Very useful!

Would you be able to color the lines by the counties' population densities?

In wolfram alpha the query 'populations of all US counties/(size of all US counties)' seems to retrieve the correct info.

(I always hate it when I show people my work and all they do is come back with some suggestion for something else I might add.)


POSTED BY: Bernard Gress

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