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[WSG20] Wolfram Language Basics from EIWL (Days 1, 2 and 3)

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During week one of the Wolfram Study Group Apr 2020 (WSG20) we are looking at the following topics from Stephen Wolfram's book Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language:

Day 1: Practicalities of using the Wolfram Language, Chapter 1: Starting Out : Elementary Arithmetic, Chapter 2: Introducing Functions, Chapter 15: Scope of the Wolfram Language, Chapter 20: Options

Day 2: Chapter 11: Strings and Text, Chapter 23: More About Numbers, Chapter 28: Tests and Conditionals, Chapter 32: Patterns

Day 3: Chapter 41: More about Patterns, Chapter 38: Assigning Names to Things, Chapter 39: Immediate and Delayed Values, Chapter 40: Defining Your Own Functions

We are looking at videos from the Wolfram U interactive course on EIWL and also working on simple exercises and mini projects.

Feel free to post questions on the material we covered in these sessions here.

2 Replies

Hi Abrita,

On Day 1 someone asked if there was a list of all guide pages. Using the idea from this MSE post.

guideNotebooks = {$InstallationDirectory, "Documentation", $Language, "System", "Guides"} //
  FileNameJoin // FileNames["*.nb", #] &;

guideNotebooks // 
   Map[<|"Guide Pages" -> Hyperlink[#, "paclet:guide/" ~~ #] &@FileBaseName[#]|> &] // 
     Sort // Dataset

enter image description here

Thanks for sharing @rohitnamjoshi. That's very helpful.

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