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Mathematica Bloggers Site

Posted 11 years ago
This is a request/idea for the community:

I am an active user of Mathematica and "R". I find blog posts from a variety of sources very helpful in learning both systems. There is a site for R users called "R Bloggers" that syndicates the content for everyone in the R community. No such site exists for the Matheamtica community making it harder to find posts with interesting application of Mathematica. Is this something Wolfram would take on or is a capable member of the Mathematica community going to have to volunteer to do this?
POSTED BY: Jon Rogers
2 Replies
There was/is an attempt to create a blog that goes along , but unfortunately it hasn't yet picked up momentum.
It is not a syndicating site, but it is a blog that is open to anyone who can contribute good content.
POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
Posted 11 years ago
As a follow-up to this post.... I suposed it would be called Wolfram Bloggers given the current direction of WRI.
POSTED BY: Jon Rogers
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