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Examples of importing data (csv files) code snippets don't seem to work

Posted 1 year ago
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I am new to WolframAlpha and Wolfram Language. I am trying to work with an imported csv file. I have been exploring the documentation, specifically:


On both pages there seem to be examples that don't work. For example I can run:


and the data is imported into the notebook (see screenshot). When I run the example provided in the documentation, though:

Import["ExampleData/TreesOwnedByTheCityOfChampaign.csv", "Dataset", "HeaderLines" -> 1]

I get an error:

"No Wolfram Language translation found" (see screenshot)

This happens with a number of examples such as:


In all cases the data seems to import properly, but none of the additional functions can be run on the data. Each of these examples comes straight from the documentation so I wonder if I am missing something fundamental about my setup.

Any help would be appreciated.

Notebook showing failed example code snippets

4 Replies

I really do not know what the problem is This example works Import["ExampleData/TreesOwnedByTheCityOfChampaign.csv"] and this example also works

Import["ExampleData/TreesOwnedByTheCityOfChampaign.csv", "Dataset", "HeaderLines" -> 1]

and this one too


I wonder why you try to use Wolfram Alpha exact commands? (BTW, the first WA example works too, so I stopped there)

I should note that I am on the WolframAlpha Notebook Edition on a Mac running MacOS Cataline (10.15.3) in case that may be the difference between your successful runs of the provided examples and my unsuccessful runs.

I am trying to run similar functions against a csv that I have. When the example code snippets did not work against my data I worried that my data may be invalid, but since the example code snippets are not running properly against the example datasets that suggests a different underlying problem and I have no idea what is causing the issue.

I provided the example code snippets directly because it seems like anyone should be able to run them against the example datasets they already have. As you were able to successfully it does seem like my notebook is not set up correctly in some way?

I use Mac OS X (Catalina) on various computers, using Mathematica v 12.1 All behave the same... No experience with WA notebooks ...



I switched over to Wolfram Desktop from WolframAlpha Notebook Edition and now everything works. If anyone knows why WolframAlpha Notebook Edition doesn't work I'd love to understand the differences better.

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