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Why can I not change any options in option inspector

Posted 10 years ago
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Now that I have Mathematica 9 on a brand new computer, can someone please point me to what I am doing wrong

I cannot change any option in option inspector,  they are all greyed out

I love Mathematica, but hate software that decides what is best for me.
POSTED BY: Anton Vrba
3 Replies
The first drop down menu in the option inspector allows you to change whether the option should be applied to the current selection, current notebook, or globally, or a specific notebook. By default it is set to "selection" meaning current selection. More options are available if you select "Current notebook" or "Global".
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 2 years ago

thank you

POSTED BY: Anonymous User
Posted 10 years ago
What OS do you have?
If Windows it might be a problem with writing permissions in the program installation folder (i.e. "c:\Program Files\Mathematica\") or in the user folder (i.e. "c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mathematica\"). Have you tried running Mathematica as Administrator?
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