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TraCOV: Personalized COVID-19 Risk Analysis Tool

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Update: We won the award!

POSTED BY: Jessica Shi
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Congratulations! This post was featured in the Wolfram Blog Wolfram Community Takes on Current Events: COVID-19 Data, Green Spaces, Homeschool Puzzles and More. We are looking forward to your future contributions.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Nice! How we can vote for it on devpost?

POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami

Voting has closed already... we didn't get the people's choice award but we did earn the award which was exciting! Thank you for your support!

POSTED BY: Jessica Shi

Congrats! Keep up the good job!

POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami

enter image description here -- you have earned Featured Contributor Badge enter image description here

Your exceptional post has been selected for our editorial column Staff Picks and Your Profile is now distinguished by a Featured Contributor Badge and is displayed on the Featured Contributor Board. Thank you!

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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