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Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics: A Student’s Manual

Posted 3 months ago
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I just came across Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics: A Student’s Manual, an excellent one-semester course for Physics Master’s and PhD students written by Roman Schmied.

There are many good quality Notebooks embedded in this PDF, but note that the links may function in a web browser or in Preview on the Mac. However, the links do work fine in Acrobat and automatically open in Mathematica.

2 Replies

It is copyright Springer, Singapore by it's own remark. I try to pay for anything I use. I've personally put it on my wish-ilst.

Agreed. If I was teaching QM I would put the book on the textbook list.

I note that the Notebooks linked to the PDF are "licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License."

Although PDF looks very nice when printed out, I think that a course/book with embedded Notebooks would work best published to the (Wolfram) Cloud. Examples already there include Wolfram’s EIWL—including the he Active Cloud Version—and Wolfram-U courses. At the risk of being accused of self-promotion, here are two of my lectures from the 2018 Wolfram Summer School:

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