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Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics: A Student’s Manual

Posted 3 years ago
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I just came across Using Mathematica for Quantum Mechanics: A Student’s Manual, an excellent one-semester course for Physics Master’s and PhD students written by Roman Schmied.

There are many good quality Notebooks embedded in this PDF, but note that the links may function in a web browser or in Preview on the Mac. However, the links do work fine in Acrobat and automatically open in Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott
2 Replies

Thank you for the course! It is just what I need for graduating this year finally... oh. I have read a little bit your material, and also it has good support for graphics, both 2d and 3d. In general, it is an efficient tool for solving problems because it integrates all functionalities I can imagine: symbolic calculations, sophisticated manipulation with equations, very good numerics, pretty graphical output. I observe that you have a style similar to Therefore, your manual becomes easier to use. The method of exemplification and the description about how to resolve integrated into a short essay is more accessible for students' minds.

POSTED BY: Brett Washington

If I was teaching QM I would put the book on the textbook list.

I note that the Notebooks linked to the PDF are "licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License."

Although PDF looks very nice when printed out, I think that a course/book with embedded Notebooks would work best published to the (Wolfram) Cloud. Examples already there include Wolfram’s EIWL—including the he Active Cloud Version—and Wolfram-U courses. At the risk of being accused of self-promotion, here are two of my lectures from the 2018 Wolfram Summer School:

POSTED BY: Paul Abbott
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