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Plotting Normal Distribution using formulas

Posted 1 year ago
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I’m trying to plot a normal distribution by using calculated the mu & sigma.

I can return the values of mu & sigma perfectly by using this query:

{mu=(22.3-y)*x^2, sigma=(1.9-y)*x^2} where y=6.1*(1.8-x) x=1.80

And I can return the plot by querying with:

NormalDistribution[72.252, 6.156]

I can’t however get the same result by doing

NormalDistribution[mu, sigma] where mu=(22.3-y)*x^2 sigma=(1.9-y)*x^2 y=6.1*(1.8-x) x=1.80

Anyone know how to write this as one query?

3 Replies

Did not work on WolframAlpha. The iOS app couldn’t interpret the input and the web app just returned the definition of the distribution, not actually evaluating it for x = 1.8

x = 1.80; y = 6.1*(1.8 - x); sigma = (1.9 - y) x^2; mu = (22.3 - y) x^2;
    nd = NormalDistribution[mu, sigma];
    Plot[PDF[nd, x], {x, mu - 4*sigma, mu + 4*sigma}]
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