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[WSS20] Textually Describing Wolfram Language Expressions

Key image of the article. An image containing some of the projects outputs.

POSTED BY: Renan Germano
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Very cool. What future plans are there for this work?

POSTED BY: Kyle Keane

Hello Kyle. Thanks for your comment and for your interest. I'm currently paused with this project due to other priorities, but I'd love to expand it. I think that the next thing I wanna do is to upload more useful functions to the WFR. During the WSS people talked a lot about you because of my Accessibility interest. My mentor tried to schedule I meeting between us but I think it was not possible.

POSTED BY: Renan Germano
Posted 3 years ago

SymbolNameTranslate...Thank you! Would you be interested in figuring out how to support Braille displays/readers?

ColorSearch and NearestColorName ... could be useful for blind folks to pic a color based on color adjectives/nouns. Thank you! Perhaps you can create a function given a traditional color name used by artists, returns a list containing a color sample, its RGB, etc....

POSTED BY: Andrew Meit

Hello Andrew. Thanks for comment and for your interest. I didn't have thought about support for Braille displays/readers for the SymbolNameTranslate function, mainly because I still do not have experience with the subject, but I definitely would like to implement it. It's very nice to know that I can be improving the accessibility for some users with these functions. I really hope that ColorSearch and NearestColorName can be useful for the blind users as well. I think that the idea of generating a color sample for colors used by artists also is interesting, I just do not have sure if I understood your idea completely. It also is possible to use the ColorSearch function to return a set of colors related to a set of words (in the documentation I give an example of how to do that); I don't know if your idea for the artistic colors sample would be some thing in that line.

POSTED BY: Renan Germano

Hi. I just would to share with you the functions that I uploaded to the Wolfram Function Repository some time after the WSS' end.

Here they are:

POSTED BY: Renan Germano

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