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[WSS20] Hunting for black holes

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Thank you Carlos for your very interesting post. I made a service from this post to find singularity points from certain generations.

Singularity example from model 3975 Singularity analysis You can test finding a singularity point by going to

gigabrain Model search

And searching a model with a number id. Then click on Videos button. There you can choose Analyse singularity from the list and enter the generations to examine to the input box in format:

5_20 where the first integer is the minimum generation and the second is the maximum generation.

And click on the "Generate video" button to launch also the singularity analysis. The analysis takes a time and automatically updates the finding to the screen below.

Some generations are taking time to analyse so choose carefully the generation numbers. If the update does not show email to or use lower generations or generations close to each other like 6_7

The results are also stored to cloud with larger steps and I was planning a method to examine the results and maybe this could be topic for more discussion.

One problem is how to generate graphs with larger steps. If there's comments for this I'm updating the functionality.

Thank you for the discussion.

POSTED BY: Tuomas Sorakivi

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