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[WSC20] Generate Coexistence Graphs of Bird Species using eBird Data

Posted 23 days ago
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Great project @Logan Gilbert! Recently, I published a function on Wolfram Function Repository (WFR) called GBIFSearch which I think that it would have been useful for the first part of your project. See a simple example:

ResourceFunction["GBIFSearch"][ Entity["Species", "Species:CanisLupus"], 
                 "OccurrenceGeoRange" -> GeoBounds[Entity["Park", "YellowstoneNationalPark::zc6x9"]], 
                 "OccurrenceDateRange" -> {DateObject[{2017}, "Year", "Gregorian", -5.`], DateObject[{2019, 1}, "Month", "Gregorian", -5.`]} ]

I also submitted a function called BioticInteractions which is closely related to your coexistence graph. It will be nice to compare your results with that function. I will let you know once BioticInteractions is available on WFR.

Do you have plans to extend your project?

Best regards

Posted 23 days ago

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Among other things, I want to expand the project to use that function since it exists, as well as other things (I'm editing the essay today to add a few things)

Edit: Please let me know when the BioticInteractions function uploads!

Thanks, Logan

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