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3d Parametric images with textures

Posted 11 years ago
The use of putting images onto 3d parametrics gives very pretty images in Mathematica.
Does anyone know how to export that "paint job"  to a 3d model exported from Mathematica?
POSTED BY: Roger L. Bagula
2 Replies
I have been using ".ply" and ".obj" as the ones that support color export. ".3ds"
doesn't seem to past a certain size file resolution in points plotting.
There was a fellow who had a system of software working:
MathGL3d 4.1 is witten by the recently deceased
            Jens-Peer Kuska!topic/comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica/wFzxWpu3wZM
but it doesn't work in my version of Mathematica 9.01.
He used a "bump map" set up that was very nice in version 5.0.
As far as I know, no one has updated his software.
Roger Bagula
POSTED BY: Roger L. Bagula
This would probably depend on the format you are exporting to. 3D formats like this tend to be very different in what they support and it's easily possible that they might not support adding a rasterized texture onto a surface. It is also possible that the exporter might not yet handle textures as well. Do you know what format(s) you might want to use?
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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