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Nelson Mandela International Day

Posted 6 months ago
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enter image description here

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Posted 6 months ago

Hi Farai,

Nice work!

Inspired by your examples

nelsonMandela = Entity["PopularCurve", "NelsonMandelaCurve"]["Graphics"];
flagColors = Most@Sort@DominantColors@Entity["Country", "SouthAfrica"]["Flag"];

SeedRandom[19180718]; (* Date of birth *)
nelsonMandela /. RGBColor[___] :> RandomChoice@flagColors /. Axes -> False

enter image description here

Thanks, Rohit. I like the SA flag coloring of the Mandela curve - much appreciated.

Hello Farai,

nice - thanks for sharing! How on earth you could find out that there is something like a "NelsonMandelaCurve" or "PopularCurve" in general ???

Posted 6 months ago


There are many interesting entity types to explore, see this. To get a list


I first learned about these curves from this Wolfram Alpha Blog post.

Hello Rohit,

many thanks for these interesting links - maybe I have to explore this field more deeply.

BTW: Do you know "ImageRandomlyColored"?

Entity["PopularCurve", "NelsonMandelaCurve"][EntityProperty["PopularCurve", "ImageRandomlyColored"]]

enter image description here

Posted 6 months ago

You can use Wolfram's extensive capabilities for interpreting natural-language strings as standardized representations of specific real-world entities. Read this to help.

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