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Parallel computation of Image[] or Rasterize[]

Posted 8 years ago
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The following command:
ParallelTable[Image[Graphics[{{Red, Disk[{5, 5}, 4]}}]], {i, 10}]

shows a very strange behaviour. It starts a new Mathematica process on every Parallel Kernel, so that using 6 Kernels I end up with 7 Mathematica Processes and 14 MathKernels running.
With Rasterize it is the same.

Can anyone explain/help?

Thanks a lot!

L. W.
2 Replies
The behavior you described is exactly what ParallelTable does. ParallelTable runs each of the items on a parrallel kernel. 

If you don't want the processes to ran in parallel on your computer, try using Table instead of ParallelTable.
You asked the same question on Mathematica.SE as wellwhere it was answered.  When you do this, please do link the two questions together to avoid duplication of effort.
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