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Problem loading a DateListPlot with FormPage

Posted 9 months ago
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I am using FormPage to generate a DateListPlot with the TimeSeries of "ConfirmedCases" by Country. The code which I am using is

   "pais" -> <|"Interpreter" -> "Country", "Label" -> "País", 
     "Input" -> "Colombia"|>
  Module[{data, image, label},
    data = 
     ResourceData["Epidemic Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19", 
       "WorldCountries"][SelectFirst[(#Country == p &) /. p -> #pais],
    label = EntityValue[#pais, "Name"];
    image = DateListPlot[data,
      PlotStyle -> Thick,
      PlotLabel -> label];
    ] &
  ], Permissions -> "Public"]

But sometimes the graphic is showing incomplete, without ticks, even several times the problem persist. Here is he link generated.

This is an example of an incomplete graphics generated in the FormPage.

enter image description here

I would like to know how to solve this issue. Thanks!

3 Replies
Posted 9 months ago

Crossposted here.

Welcome to Wolfram Community! Please make sure you know the rules: Please next time link your post to the duplicated one from MSE site.

Thanks!, I will do it.

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