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Options AspectRatio and ImageSize within DateListPlot or DateListLogPlot

Posted 2 months ago
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Hello Community

Why do the Options AspectRatio and ImageSize not work when defined in SetOptions[DateListPlot ... ] ? They work well when defined within DateListPlot or DateListLogPlot.

Options[DateListPlot] list them as an option.

I always get the default plot ratio and size.

With kind regards Peter

3 Replies

I tried it on my laptop and got the same result: SetOptions[DateListPlot, AspectRatio -> 1] does affect the list of options returned by Options[DateListPlot] but DateListPlot-s retain their default AspectRatio-s. I believe this is a WL issue to be reported.

Posted 2 months ago

Nikolay, thanks for the confirmation. I also think that's a bug.

Best regards, Peter

Simply take a look at the documentation of DateListPlot and set the

AspectRatio -> Automatic

if You intent to modify the ImageSize or AspectRatio freely.

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