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Sharing your work with non-Mathematica users

Posted 1 year ago
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Dear sirs,

I appreciate that this topic might have been already covered in the past. However, I could not find any valuable solution to the problem. Suppose I wanted to show my work to a fellow student or my professor (who are NOT Mathematica users) , which is the best option / line of action available?

As far as I understand PDFs are not an option, since they would lose the 'manipulated' content of my calculations. Thank you Cpt Mauro B. Mistretta

27 Replies

Thank you, Jesse! I am a total newbe with this, it has been only luck ;-)

Posted 1 year ago

Great work! The iframe blends well into the design of the rest of your website. I've always had a little trouble getting iframes to look "nice" (I also run into web accessibility issues with them).

For anyone else who is interested in embedding their published notebooks in a webpage, check out this doc:

If you know a bit of Javascript, you can use the notebook embedder library: it lets you embed notebook directly into a DOM node.

Posted 1 year ago

It works fine for me. macOS Catalina 10.15.6, Firefox 79.0.

Nicely done.

Posted 1 year ago

Mauro, it warms to hear that you liked the CelNav demo!

Thank you Hans ! Your contribution is very much appreciated, so that I am ready to give a solution in case my professors and collegues experience the same issue.

btw, I really enjoyed your demonstration about the Celestial Navigation! As a former airline captain, I am fond of everything about NAV. Cheers !

Posted 1 year ago

Found the Firefox option setting that caused the problem. All third-party cookies was blocked.

enter image description here

Allowing all cookies, or selecting "Cross-site and..." solves the problem.

Same goes with Chrome. Blocking all third-party cookies prevents the notebook from loading.

Good insight, Hans. I have no idea about it.

Posted 1 year ago

Tried with Chrome instead of Firefox. And then it works! Timed loading (blue bar) to about 12 s. Manipulate controls immediately accessible. But with Firefox it still does not work.

Chrome was already installed on the PC but never used before. So this test was with Chrome in its default setup. While on Firefox I have set options to suit my liking and idea of privacy. Might have an influence?

Thank you Rohit ! Excellent news.

Works fine for me too. Loaded in ~2s and the various manipulates respond almost immediately. Mac OS + Chrome.

Roger that. I will see to it.

It certainly needs to be in a separate post, with suitable Title.

I will try to share it here

Dear Ahmed,

I surely accept your suggestion. Could you tell me please where and how I can share this?

Dear Hans,

thanks for your feedback. I find it strange, because it works fine on my mac osx Catalina and Firefox and also a collegue's Ubuntu system.

Surely it is kind of slow, and it's a pity.

But I really cannot see any other practical solution to the problem. Any suggestion is kindly appreciated. Mauro

That is exactly why I am suggesting to share it with us here in Wolfram community, you may find members who can help you with that. There are many language experts here who can help.

Hi Hans It works fine in my case, it took around 5 seconds to load. I am using Chrome browser.

Posted 1 year ago


I don't agree that the website solution really works. It is too slow. I tried your Goldilocks application. On opening there is no response from the interactive controls. Waiting for the blue bar on top to slowly creep towards the right. It did not reach the end in 45 minutes. Still no interactive response. So I gave up.

I am using Windows 10 with the latest updates. Firefox. Internet by fiber + home wifi router.

Dear Ahmed, I am flattered, but I hardly call it an amazing work :-)

It's just a test for my limited skills in Wolfram Language and a test for sharing. As a matter of fact, I am now struggling to find a way to create a moving disk sector to visualize the habitable zones around the seems way beyond my current knowledge of the language.

That is amazing work Mauro. Have you considered sharing your notebook here in Wolfram Community? You can view it the same way here using the button "Add Notebook". You will find many members here having the same interest.

Dear Ahmed, let me show you an example of what I've done...just for testing:

My website

That is pretty handy, for sharing with collegues and professors.

Perfect, Mauro. Published Notebook works in the cloud. There may be slight behavior difference between Mathematica and the cloud, but you can outrun it easily.

Dear Ahmed,

yes , I have considered this...but I didn't want my recipients to be forced to download softwares or get puzzled about .nb or .cdf files.

So, I have found my solution. Cheers

Dear all ! I think I have found the solution:


It works ! In such way, I can share my work with my collegues / professors.

Hi Mauro.

Yes, Wolfram solved that for you using the CDF format which can be opened by a free CDF player called Wolfram player. This player allows you to use interactive objects without having Mathematica installed. More details are here

and you can download it and suggest for others to download it for free here

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