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Analyze your WhatsApp Chat

Posted 3 months ago
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This post is to share a simple code that allows you to visualize some statistics and trends of your individual or group chats in WhatsApp! The main results are:

  • Time Series of the messages in the group or conversation
  • Pie Chart showing the number of messages sent by each person
  • Bar Chart showing the time in which every person send more messages
  • And more.. !

Download your WhatsApp conversation is really easy, just follow the 3 simple steps shown in this link: Just make sure your phone is in 24h-format exporting your chat!

An example (with changed names) is: enter image description here

Let me know any doubts or suggestions to improve this notebook!

3 Replies
Posted 3 months ago

Thanks Ivan.

Though, our definitions of "simple" might be a bit different; examples like this not only help me to better understand what Wolfram can do, they help me to imagine what I might be able to do with Wolfram.

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Posted 3 months ago

Thanks Ivan, even though I find it is not that simple to do but you had given a good and 'simple' explanation on the how.

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