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LinkedIn Skills Assessments and Wolfram Technologies

Posted 1 year ago
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I am working on my LinkedIn profile and noticed that none of the Wolfram Technologies are listed under the Skills Assessments. Though, MATLAB is there.

Is this a hole that we want to encourage LinkedIn and Wolfram to fill?

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Hi Mike

"Mathematica" and "Wolfram Language" are there in Skills under Tools & Technologies. But I agree, there should be more as Wolfram offers various techs and tools.

Posted 1 year ago


My apologies, I did not realize that I was looking at a new LinkedIn feature that has not been rolled out to everyone.

LinkedIn now has a series of assessment quizzes that you can use to earn a badge in that specific skill/technology. There are assessments for R and MATLAB.

Thank you for pointing out that I can add "Mathematica" and "Wolfram Language" to my list of LinkedIn skills. But, I'd also like a badge. :)

Also, I am interested to know whether or not others find networking on LinkedIn helpful within the scope of the Wolfram Technologies?


Yes I am aware of assessment quizzes in LinkedIn. Good point Mike. And Yes I see that LinkedIn is very helpful for various techs.

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