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Has anyone interfaced the HDMI port on their computer to a 3D HDTV?

Posted 11 years ago
Several of the programs I have written output stereo pairs, side by side, on my laptop.  With aged eye muscles and some training these images fuse nicely into 3D.  I think those left (0 degrees) and right (6 degree tilt) panels could be placed in an animated gif and played as a 3D movie.  However, for an audience, it would be better to be on a large monitor and use interlaced frames with polarized goggles.

Do we have any Mathematica-based techniques for packaging up interlaced frames, going out the computer's HDMI port, and going into a HDMI port on a 3D monitor?

I am not expecting to generate the images in real time.  This involves a fly-by of some of my virtual sculpture ( with variations in r, theta, and phi - so there will be significant time spent calculating each frame.
POSTED BY: Douglas Youvan
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No, I haven't seen any functionality made for Mathematica and 3D monitors. I'm not familiar with the format you'd need to create either. It sounds like a complicated project.

Most examples of 3D visualization have been ones using Anaglyphs:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Yes, anaglyphs might be the best way to go right now if your object's color isn't too important.  That would be true of my sculpture.  The attached file uses cyan-red glasses (I think).

POSTED BY: Douglas Youvan
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