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Using WolfLang to Dominate the Stock Market

Posted 7 months ago
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Hello Wolfram Community!

I have been working on a fun, mildly amusing project using Wolfram Language's FinancialData function with some FinancialIndicators and Machine Learning.



I would love to get some feedback from the Mathematica/WolfLang community and I would love to know if anyone has some advice or cool ideas. This is my first major WolfLang package, so I would also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for a better project file layout!


~ Your friendly software engineer, Alec

If you are interested, post a comment!

4 Replies

Welcome to Wolfram Community !
It seems that the video included in your post, is the only information source about your package. It would be much more helpful if you included in your post screenshots, illustrations and code to make it easier for other members to recognize your work.

Posted 7 months ago

My bad! I forgot to link the repository! (edited main post)

Could you please Edit your main post and add this new information to it?

Hi Alec

This is a very interesting video, but it is impossible to assess and replicate it without the accompanying code. Is it possible that you could also provide the code by attaching it as a notebook to this webpage?

Thank You Michael Kelly

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