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SETI Analyses of Genetic Code Matrices?

Posted 7 months ago
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Two logical matrices (linked by row) can be used to represent the genetic code. These binary matrices are described here: . Any suggestions on Mathematica functionality for analyses of this problem?

4 Replies
Posted 7 months ago

Same here Daniel.


S and cv are wrapped in MatrixForm so they cannot be use in further computation. C is a built-in symbol that is protected. After resolving those issues, the GraphPlot fails as noted in this post.

I was unable to get the code in that notebook to run and give the results shown. This is of course a problem, since I do not have a replicable starting point from which to proceed.

Thanks Rohit. It should now be here.

Posted 7 months ago

Hi Douglas,

The link to the notebook points to a document on the C: drive, not to a document on a server, so it cannot be downloaded.

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