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[WSG20] New Linear Algebra Daily Study Group begins Monday, October 12

Posted 7 months ago
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A new study group devoted to linear algebra begins Monday! A list of daily topics can be found on our Daily Study Groups page. This group will be led by Wolfram certified instructor @Luke Titus and will meet daily, Monday to Friday, over the next three weeks. Luke will share the excellent short lesson videos created by @Devendra Kapadia for the Wolfram U course Introduction to Linear Algebra. Study group sessions include time for exercises, discussion and Q&A. Certifications are available. Sign up:

28 Replies

I've been looking forward to a refresher for a while. Very excited to sign up for this :)

Posted 7 months ago

I am in. Thank you!



Very nice refresher! I'm happy to follow the lessons.

I suspect a typo in Lesson 6 about Sets with One vector.

v={0,0,0} was said to be linearly independent and v={2,4,7} was said to be linearly dependent. It should be the other way around.

This topic was in Quiz 1, so be careful classmates. :-)


I am ahead of schedule and have finished the course on the Wolfram U website. Nevertheless, please check whether the expected answer to Problem 3 in Quiz 5 is really correct. I have some doubts.

In general, I want to say thank you to Jamie and her team for outstanding support and especially @Devendra Kapadia for the excellent preparation of the course.

Now I have to wait for my Level 1 - Certificates in Calculus and Linear Algebra.


Please check. I still do not receive reminder emails and perhaps other course-related information.

Best Regards,


Hello @Juergen Kanz. I do find your details on our registration list. I have resent the confirmation email to you. If it has not arrived, please send email to Then we will be able to confirm the email address for you.

Problem solved. Thanks for support.

Tomorrow at study group we'll be joined by our linear algebra course author @Devendra Kapadia during a special review session. (Review session starts 30 minutes prior to the regular start time.) See your reminder email for details, and see you there!


These are indeed typos in Lesson 6 and will be fixed soon (I believe that they exist only in the transcript, but the video is fine).

Thank you for the information. I apologize for the confusion.


Thank you for the clarification and quick reaction. Looking forward to the next daily studies and lessons.

Hello Juergen,

Thank you for your encouraging comments about the study group and the course.

Regarding Problem 3 in Quiz 5, there is no clearcut "Yes" or "No" answer since the question mentions distinct eigenvectors rather than distinct eigenvalues for a 2X2 symmetric matrix. As a counterexample, one may note that any pair of linearly independent vectors in the plane are eigenvectors of IdentityMatrix[2] but they will, in general, not be orthogonal, so "not enough information" seems preferable as the answer.


Posted 6 months ago

In quiz 2 problem 2, none of the multiple-choice, when multiplied, produces the matrix A. Can there be a typo? G. Singh

Posted 6 months ago

I have the same concern as Gurbax. J. Clark

Thank you, Gurbax and John.

There is indeed an issue with this problem which is expected to be fixed soon.

Hello Gurbax and John,

The text for Problem 2 in Quiz 2 has been modified so that it refers to "the matrix lu" rather than "the LU matrix" to indicate that the lower and upper triangular matrices can be constructed using lu (the matrix A is not given at all, but it can be reconstructed using the lower and upper triangular matrices and the permutation vector p).

Hope this helps. Sorry for the confusion.

Posted 6 months ago

Thanks, Devendra. But, I already answered the original question and submitted quiz2 scoring 100%..Do I need to re-take the quiz? That's double jeopardy (LOL).

John, the answer to the problem is not changed by the new text, so you do not need to take the quiz again.

Posted 6 months ago

Hi Devendra: Thank you for clarifying the confusion in quiz 2 problem 2. I love your videos. Thanks for making them available. G. Singh

Posted 6 months ago

Thanks, Devendra. Just my weak attempt at humor.

Posted 6 months ago

Greetings, Is there a reference providing guidance on making memory efficient 3D graphics?

I made some 3D graphics of some objects that are built up from a selection of smaller 3D graphics using Graphics3D[]. I was not aware of the Translate[] function at the time and built in variables to translate the 3D graphic in space so the main graphic could be replicated into an array. This approach worked but consumed around 2.5 GB of memory with only a few dozen 3D graphic objects being shown.

I rebuilt the small 3D graphics using Graphics3D[Translate[]...]. I also removed Show[] where possible so that it did not get nested many times, and the memory usage is now around 330 MB.

The main graphic has the form:

mainGraphic[{x_,y_,z_}]:={top[{x,y,z}], bottom[{x,y,z}], rside[{x,y,z}], lside[{x,y,z}]}

Each element of the graphics as the form

top[{x_,y_,z_}]:=Graphics3D[Translate[{Blue, Cuboid [{},{}], ....},{x,y,z}],Boxed -> False, Lighting -> "Neutral"]

My next step is the simplify the element graphics to lists of WL functions [{Blue, Cuboid [{},{}], ....}, and just have one Graphics3D and Translate function in the mainGrapchic function of my 3D graphic objects. If would be helpful to know if this is the most efficient approach. It would be useful to know how to translate any Graphic3D type such as those generated by Plot3D.

Sincerely, Jay Morreale

Posted 4 months ago

Hey Jamie I have been a part of this course and it was so helpful and productive. I attempted all quizzes and passed final exam of the course too. The problem I am facing is that the certificate which is meant to be fetched is blank. I am here after mailing several technical supports. Kindly help.

Hello @Shivam Sawarn. I am sorry you experienced this problem. I'll ask Christine from our Wolfram U staff to contact you so that you receive your certificate.

Posted 4 months ago

Still waiting for the support from someone.

Posted 4 months ago

Thanks @Jamie Peterson for your help.

Posted 4 months ago

What are further levels in wolfram U courses if Level 1 is cleared?

Thank you for this question, @Shivam Sawarn. I'm glad to say that Multiparadigm Data Science Level 2 certification is now available. This is an advanced project-based certification. We have plans for additional certifications in the near future.

Just a reminder that you can browse all available Wolfram certifications here:

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