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The Fundamental Physics Project Rule Syntax.

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello again everyone, hope you are all well.

In reading over my last posted question, I realize I may have included too much information, and/or completely botched the subject line of the post, so please allow me to rephrase the question.

In the Wolfram Fundamental Physics Project Update Rule:

{{X,X,Y},{X,Z,V}} -> {{V,V,W},{W,V,Y},{Z,Y,W}}

can anyone, anywhere, explain exactly what the left-hand side is supposed to mean, in English?

Hi David,

do you mean that specific case ({{X,X,Y},{X,Z,V}} -> {{V,V,W},{W,V,Y},{Z,Y,W}}) or a rule in general?

Have you taken a look at this book, where most of the subject is explained in details:

Then to see, how that particular rule works in Wolfram Models, you can run the next code snippets in your Wolfram App:

rule={{X,X,Y},{X,Z,V}} -> {{V,V,W},{W,V,Y},{Z,Y,W}};


Dataset[{ResourceFunction["WolframModelPlot"][#], ToString@#} &/@ResourceFunction["WolframModel"][rule,Automatic, 10, "StatesList"]]

Experiment more with the help of the documentation:

And tell us what did you learn.

All the best, -Marko

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