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How can you convert a matrix back into a list of lists?

Posted 11 years ago
It is very simple in Mathematica to convert a list of lists into a matrix: all you need to do is apply the //MatrixForm function to it and voila.

Is it possible to do the reverse though? I have a matrix that I want to convert back into a list of lists, so as to manipulate its elements more easily. Is this possible? Is there a 'ListForm' function that deletes all MatrixForms from the element in question?

As an example, here is the FullForm for one of my elements:

Is there a function which would take this as input and return simply:

Thank you
POSTED BY: Aron Adler
2 Replies
In[1]:= m = MatrixForm[List[List[63], List[4, 62]]]

In[4]:= m[[1]]

Out[4]= {{63}, {4, 62}}
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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