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Posted 11 years ago
I'm a bit confused by Wolfram Alpha's handling of subscripts.

Using the Mathematica convention (Subscript[x, n]) doesn't work, and the plain text alternative (x_n) provides inconsistent results (interpreted differently by Wolfram Alpha depending on the context).

Is there another convention I should be using?  Any tips would be appreciated.
POSTED BY: David Kirby
2 Replies
Sorry. I misread the comment that this was about Wolfram|Alpha.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
The form Subscript[x, n] is called the inputform. The entry Subscript[x, n] will evaluate (when you evaluate the cell or notebook) into an output xn. If you wish to have your textual entry immediately converted into x-subscripted-n then select the words  Subscript[x, n] and press <ctrl + shift + enter>. Hope this is what you are looking for.

PS: My apologies, I did not notice earlier that the query was about Wolfram Alpha. The above applies only for Mathematica I would think.
POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
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