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How to stop Mathematica hanging on F1?

Posted 11 years ago
Hi everyone.

Could someone tell me definitively how to stop Mathematica hanging when I do a F1search for info on a keyword? Sometimes it takes me right there, sometimes not or not before hanging around a long time and bringing me something up about "dynamic evaluation" I know nothing about and telling me to turn it off whatever it is. Even when I do that it hits back next time round. It seems you can only kill off dynamic evaluation whatever that actually is on a one-off basis. Extreme cases it just sulks and says I should wait or abort.

It's driving me completely crazy. Presently I go to the website for preference to seek info. I really would be grateful for guidance here. It is really wasting my time and totally frustrating me.

If it's any help I'm using Windows somewhere around Paleolithic era.


A good thing to try when a Mathematica that had been working fine develops strange behavior is to
reset its initialization files. Most can be reset by holding down the SHIFT key as Mathematica launches.
The bigger hammer on Windows is to hold down the SHIFT and CONTROL keys as Mathematica
launches. (Note: the latter will reset global preferences and the list of recently opened notebook files.)


Does the Help menu - Documentation Center  work?
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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