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When will Mathematica 12.2 be released?

Posted 11 months ago
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I viewed on YouTube Formatting the Wolfram Language. The presenter said that 12.2 may have already been released by the time of viewing (I viewed it!). The Mathematica online documentation already has Summary of New Features in 12.2. I am ready to use the new features!

12 Replies

Eager to use the new //= (ApplyTo)!

And play with the new Video functions.


It's very nice, have been using it for a while now for things like:

data //= Replace[x_?OddQ :> x^2]
data //= Map[f]


The Wolfram Cloud is already in version 12.2.

enter image description here

It's been 32 years and still Mathematica can't do simple task. Using Wolfram Cloud 12.2:

enter image description here

And such examples can be multiplied.

Posted 11 months ago

Maybe for Christmas?

It will be the first time I will upgrade from one minor version to an other. I'm kind of hoping such upgrades are free. Are they ?

I mean I will gladly pay for version 13, but I hope I won't have to for every minor version release.

Posted 11 months ago

I wouldn't expect a release 13 until maybe 2022. The 0.x releases since 11.0 are as big as the x.0 releases was some years ago (-->9-->10-->11), and are usually paid upgrades. The 0.0.x releases are usually free.

Check out the changes from release to release at the blog

Released today -- Beethoven's birthday. Stephen has a live presentation at 3pm.

Installation went well on my intel MacBook Pro 16. Unfortunately, it's not a Universal app. If my M1 MacBook Air ever arrives (supposed to be here yesterday), I will be able to check performance.

No, Beethoven is tomorrow! Today is Arthur C. Clark :))

Ok Jane Austen, then.

No one knows Beethoven's exact birthday, but the 16th is the day most people celebrate it. He was baptized on the 17th. All the Beethoven sales are today.

Posted 11 months ago

Thank you.

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