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[SOLVED]: How do I enable breakpoints in Wolfram Workbench?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have some large projects going so I use Wolfram Workbench.

On occasion, I am not able to create enabled breakpoints. In other words, all breakpoints that I create are disabled. I have tried enabling them in the debug breakpoint window, but have not figured out how to do that.

In the past when this has happened, it has always started working again after a few days.

However, I really need to debug something now. And, I cannot rely on "it might work tomorrow".

Please note that I am running the debugger. I see output in the expected output in the Console window.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Have a great and safe holiday.

3 Replies


I am not an expert on Workbench, but I found that if you accidentally hit "run" instead of "debug" in eclipse, the behavior will be identical but breakpoints are ignored. Could this be your problem?



Posted 1 year ago


I've made that mistake before as well. But, not this time.

Before I try to run, when I add a break point, the break points are added with the slash going through the blue dot. The slash seems to mean that the breakpoint is either disabled or not allowed.

Also, I'm fairly certain that I am in debug mode because the debug console window opens up and says "Start Debug Session".

Unfortunately a debug session without breakpoints is not much fun.

Since no one else seems to be having this issue, I will open a support ticket.

Have a great and safe New Years.


Posted 1 year ago

OK... That was frustrating.

It would seem that I did this to myself, but I don't know how.

In the toolbar, there is a breakpoint icon with a line through it. When selected, all breakpoints are skipped. At some point, I must have clicked it.

While I like many of the features of Workbench, Eclipse gets my head spinning at times.

Have a great and safe New Years..

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