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Will Wolfram Technologies build Skynet?

Posted 24 days ago
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I wish I had time to dive into the Physics Project. The most I've been able to do so far is to check out the questions and observations being made in the community about the project.

With the discussions about consciousness and self-awareness and holographic properties, I cannot help but wonder if Wolfram Technologies will beat everyone else and create Skynet.

Of course, I am joking (mostly). However, from what I see in my news feeds, the other players care more about the money than the science. Of course, Wolfram Technologies is a for-profit venture. Nonetheless, Wolfram Technologies continues to expand human-kind's knowledge in many directions.

This is a great time to become part of this community. But, just in case, if you run into Sarah or John Connor, wish them well, and hope that we do not need them.

Have a great and safe holiday.

2 Replies

Nature, and in particular we humans, we are Skynet: The Weather Has A Mind Of Its Own

Have a happy holiday Mike ;-)

Posted 24 days ago

Thanks José.

You are correct on both counts (we are Skynet and the weather is out to get us).

I know Stephen has done some behind the scenes work in movies. Perhaps it is time that he plays the super villain. :). James Bond would have met his match.

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