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Developing for Wolfram Engine with Workbench - File Type for Scripts?

Posted 10 months ago
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I am working on some proofs-of-concept to use the Wolfram Engine in the enterprise. I've created applications in Wolfram Workbench and for the most part, things work well when developing notebooks.

I'm also having some success developing unit testing framework.

However, I could not figure out how to run a file with a wl extension, which I thought was the desired extension for scripts. Though, I've seen wls as well (with Mathematica as the front end). In any event, Workbench limits me to m and wl.

However, when I try to run a wl file, I only get the option to run on server. I do not get an option to run locally as "Wolfram".

So, I tried creating a script using the mscrapbook extension (which is supported by Workbench. But, I cannot find much of anything using google on what this file type should be used for.

My end goal is to be able to use Workbench to develop hands-free scripts that can be deployed to run on a schedule using the Wolfram Engine.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Which file type should I use for scripts in the Wolfram Workbench?

Have a great and safe holiday.

2 Replies
Posted 8 months ago

@Mike Besso - I've been developing paclets in Workbench for the last few months so that I can create bundled documentation and test it in an IDE environment. Workbench is certainly behind the times on many new constructs. I'm guessing you just need the unit testing framework that Workbench provides. In my case, it's documentations, but to get full paclet functionality, I eventually have to load it outside Workbench, save it to a .paclet file (which Workbench has no clue about), and then re-install it for final testing outside of Workbench as a distributable paclet.

I'm guessing you probably have to do the same; develop and test as a .m file. Then when you are ready, load it into Mathematica outside of the Workbench environment and Save As... a .wl or .wls script and test it manually.

Posted 8 months ago

Thanks Jeff. I will try as you suggest.

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