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Making fake Voronoi diagrams

Posted 3 years ago

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Posted 3 years ago

(This is my first time trying to post an embedded notebook here in Community. I hope it went well, and I hope the technique demonstrated in the notebook proves useful.)


Thanks for sharing! I'm not sure why you call them fake? I think you used the definition of Voronoi correctly…

I've also made some Voronoi functions before that work on images, even allowing different distance-function for each object. Your sphere version will be useful to me. Thanks!

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman
Posted 3 years ago

I call them "fake" in that the results do look like Voronoi diagrams, but there's not much else you can do with them. To use my first example, VoronoiMesh[] is certainly easier to do stuff with than the fake I made with DensityPlot[].

In an e-mail, Christopher Wolfram suggested that one might be able to use WatershedComponents[] on the resulting pictures, but I have yet to do those experiments.

Regarding the example with multiple objects that you mention, I did something like that in this mathematica.SE answer.


Indeed, I have used Watershed transform on these, there is even a Voronoi example in the documentation of WatershedComponents.

POSTED BY: Sander Huisman

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