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Wolfram Cloud / UDS - what / how / when

Posted 11 years ago
The main Wolfram web site is now full of notifications of wonderful cloud based services.

What exactly is being offered, when is it available and how does one avail oneself of these services?

I have already applied twice to be a trial user and, despite having had two demos published by you, have heard nothing so any info on times when us Joe Soaps can use the cloud systems would be nice.
POSTED BY: William Stewart
6 Replies
This may shed some light...  worth a watch

POSTED BY: David Reiss
In the upcoming releases, desktop versions will have full access to your cloud file system.  But it won't be a file-sync service like Dropbox.  It will be a system where the desktop can directly access your cloud store, including the ability to browse, open, and save files.  From the perspective of Mathematica, it will be like saving to an external file system, albeit with a modified system for file browsing.

We're definitely thinking about whether file-syncing should be on our product roadmap, and we'll be listening to our customers to hear what they have to say on the subject.
POSTED BY: John Fultz
Is synchronization between cloud and user desktop (as in Ubuntu One, Dropbox, etc) among the planned features of Online Mathematica?
POSTED BY: Oleg Shiryaev
In some sense, they were announced in Austin, TX, two days ago.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
The "currently available" is presumably a typo. 
Currently the buz appears to be early stage marketing.  Most of the new things are to be released at an unspecified future date.  Pretty much all of them seem to contingent on the release of Mathematica 10.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
I think marketing people have a different interpretation of tense compared with the rest of us.

This is also "currently available":
Native computation and interface for mobile devices, including the complete Wolfram Language

I can't see an app in the App Store yet...
POSTED BY: C ormullion
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