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Speech to Wolfram Language code?

Posted 10 months ago
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I shattered my right elbow falling on ice just before Christmas, had surgery to put my elbow back together on 12/28, and am starting a graduate program in Complex Systems on February 1st. I will be in a cast for a while. (I am right-handed.)

Is there an efficient way to dictate Wolfram Language code? Or am I better off just typing with my left hand?

4 Replies

I am very sorry to hear about your injury, Kathryn! I hope it gets better soon. I think this is really interesting accessibility question. Perhaps @Kyle Keane knows something, -- he has been very helpful some relevant conversations. I think this question is also closely related to "How to comprehensibly read Wolfram Language code out loud?" Maybe if some data are accumulated in answering one of these -- the other can use those data too. I generally have seen some sources around these things being done in other languages -- so I do not see any reason for not implementing it in the Wolfram Language:

I cannot be the first person to have faced this problem.

Posted 9 months ago

Sorry to hear you've had such a bad injury, I had a serious injury to my right arm last year from which I am still recovering (elbow injuries are tough). I'm right handed, I found I could use Mathematica reasonably well with my left hand using "Sticky Keys" (a Windows features, so I didn't have to hold two keys down simultaneously) and that the function name suggestion features helps a lot, often only the first three or four characters were needed. Of course typing longer comments and the like was slow doing it one handed, I could see speech to text being helpful for this.


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