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Predicting COVID-19 using cough sounds classification

Posted 9 months ago
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10 Replies

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Posted 9 months ago

Thank you! I operationalized this into a web form in case anyone wants to see it in action. Uses mp3 files as input. For entertainment only.

Can you post a WebAPI link? (So the classifier can be used in scripts, WL or other programming languages.)

Posted 9 months ago
URLExecute[api, {"mp3" -> File["filepathtomp3"]}]

I have made a little change on the model, this I think will generalize better the Coughs for this task. ;)

OMG thank you Renay! Of Couse this is still dummy because of the limited amount of data but if we could collect thousands of records can become a thing :D

Posted 9 months ago

I think that would be great. Curation of data might be an issue, though.

Posted 9 months ago

The API and the webform have both been upgraded to reflect Siria's improved model. A 90%|10% train|test split was used.


oh wow, where is this data from?

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