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Get a condition on parameters to compare 2 thresholds

Posted 3 months ago
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I'm trying to compare two thresholds in my model but I'm not sure if I type correctly the command. My code does not stop running making me believe that I'm missing something. What I want is to take into account the different condition I defined as a hypothesis to find the condition on parameters of my model under which condition I have one threshold being greater than the other (this might be always true whatever the value of parameters without being an issue by the way). I wonder if I should put not only theta B but also theta C or/and Fb and Fc? Any tip will be useful! Thank you all

6 Replies

Thanks, guy, I got it~

you can refer to my question

Gianluca Gorni provides me a very convenient way to judge the sign.

Here, you could make a function to simulate the key parameters change.

Posted 3 months ago


Xavier included the code as an attachment.

on the left of the editor, there is a button of "Add Notebook" and its right there is "Code sample" or you could press "Control+K"

Maybe you should explore more

Posted 3 months ago

I believe the code is posted but I don't know what is not working though...

Perhaps you should post your code here, bro.

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