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Help with using DSolve and MatrixExp

Posted 11 years ago
Hi I have been assigned by my professor an assignment but I cannot figure out how to use Dsolve and matripexp correctly to solve the problem. I understand the problems and know that its a third ODE but I just don't have much experience with Mathematica. I have attached the problem and what I have gotten so far. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
POSTED BY: Ryan Simone
Please see this article on how to use the results of DSolve and related function. Please see this article on this subject :

Your notebook uses NDSolve. Use DSolve instead for simple equations like this. 
 Vs[t_] = 5 UnitStep[t];
 R1 = R2 = R3 = 0.1; c = 1;
 eqn1 = (Vs[t] - Vc1[t])/R1 == c*Vc1'[t];
 eqn2 = (Vc1[t] - Vc2[t])/R2 == c*Vc2'[t];
 eqn3 = (Vc2[t] - Vc3[t])/R3 == c*Vc3'[t];
 sol1 = DSolve[{eqn1, Vc1[0] == 0}, Vc1[t], t]
Vc1[t_] = Vc1[t] /. First@sol1
sol2 = DSolve[{eqn2, Vc2[0] == 0}, Vc2[t], t]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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