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Optimization problem in Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 25 days ago
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Hi, I tried to optimize with production/utility functions, which has always worked until now. And I don't now, why Wolfram|Alpha has a problem here.

For example min 3x+0.7*y with x+y^0.1=350 In this example, the first part is the cost-function and the second function is the production-function. When I try to do this, Wolfram doesn't stop operating. Does anyone know, when the problem will be fixed again?

Thank you! Manuel

7 Replies

I use exact numbers in 2D for the input and then numerize the semi-symbolic result, like this: $N\left[\text{Minimize}\left[\left\{3 x+\frac{7}{10}y,x+\sqrt[10]{y}=350\right\},\{x,y\}\right]\right]$

In 1D input format it would look like that (and then i press the <Enter>-key of the number block on my keyboard):

Minimize[{3 x + 7/10 y, x + y^(1/10) == 350}, {x, y}] // N

{1047.54, {x -> 349.09, y -> 0.390065}}
Posted 25 days ago


thank you for your help. I'm really sorry, I'm a beginner and I need it for some school stuff. Can you tell me, how you did this? Does it work, when you enter the command, or do you use another calculator? If yes, could you be so kind and give me a link, where I can get this, cause I'd need it for some more training.


Posted 25 days ago


No, i am the beginner.

I got the result from local Wolfram L installation. You are right, Wolfram A has problems with it. I have no experience with A's performance re optimization problems.

Posted 25 days ago

enter image description here

Thanks for your help again. I also downloaded the free trail from "Mathematica" now and i guess, with local Wolfram Language you mean "Mathematica", right? I entered a command, but how can I process this command? When I press just "enter" after writing the command, nothing happens. Sorry for that... THANK YOU!

Yes, with $\text{Wolfram L}$ i mean The Wolfram Language (TWL), which is the language we code in when using the Mathematica software application. Very universal, powerful, pleasing language, and the only programming language i (as a non-programmer) chose to learn and stick with!

Trial version sounds good. I use the free version on raspberry pi. Good luck with your opimization problems, there are many built-in functions to support your task.

Posted 25 days ago

Since you can easily solve your second equation for x, substitute that result for x into your first equation and give that

min 3(350-y^0.1)+0.7y for y

to WA and this almost instantly gives you the minimum and the y value.


Then you can use that result to find the x value.

When Wolfram|Alpha does not seem to be able to solve a problem I have found a powerful trick is to try to divide the problem into two parts, let it solve the first part and use the result of that to solve the second part, giving the complete solution.

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