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Brian Greene's World Science U and CDF

Posted 11 years ago
Longtime Mathematica user Brian Greene (a prize-winning author and Columbia University professor) just launched the World Science U website. It’s a place where high school students, science majors, and lifelong learners can explore topics in science with top educators.

You can see Greene introduce WSU in this YouTube video: About World Science U 

Courses feature interactive demonstrations on things like the speed of light, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and more, and the demos are powered by the Wolfram Language and Wolfram's Computable Document Format.

It’s exciting to see CDF being used by an organization that’s advocating science education for everyone—and in such a visually appealing way!

I recommend touring the site where you can get more details about the kinds of courses being offered:
  •     Science Unplugged: Short video answers to scientific questions
  •     Short Courses: Two- to three-week courses for lifelong learners without exams or homework
  •     University Courses: Eight- to ten-week university-level courses where students can earn Wold Science U certification
Is anyone else out there using CDF in this way? We’d love to know about it.
POSTED BY: Emily Suess
That's really exciting!

The style of his CDFs is very neat. I also choosed a black background for my EXPLORATORIUM designed back in 2012:

Finally, for those of you interested in using CDF, I'm happy to announce that I will be giving a talk about embedding CDF at the European Wolfram Technology Conference:

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
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