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Bernat Espigulé
Bernat Espigulé
Universitat de Barcelona
LOCATION: Barcelona

Bernat is the author of a CDF-based website that guides its visitors around the forest of symmetric fractal trees. Equipped with Mathematica, Bernat has discovered and mapped the generalized families of planar self-contacting symmetric fractal trees. His main results have been presented in two papers at the Bridges Conference and the Symmetry Festival 2013. In 2012, Bernat received a BSc in physics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, completing the last two years of his studies abroad, first as an EAP student at the University of California, Santa Barbara 2010-2011, and then as an ERASMUS student at Heidelberg Universität, Germany 2011-2012. His strong interest in the study of complex systems started at High School where he developed a research project about Geometry and Nature. From past to present, his interests are: chaos theory, complex networks, non-linear phenomena, morphogenesis, dynamical systems, topology, complex oscillations, fractal trees and NKS. Bernat’s other interests are photography, hiking, surfing, couchsurfing, capoeira, architecture, generative art, education and, more recently, the art of 3D printing. He also enjoys receiving feedback from his left-handed twin brother, and her younger sister majoring in math.