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A question about Periodogram

Posted 10 months ago
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Hi, enter image description here

Now I would like to calculate the value of spectral exponent for my data in the attached notebook. Thank you for your help.

data0 = WeatherData["KDRA", 
   "Temperature", {{1979, 1, 1}, {2020, 12, 31}, "Day"}];

regularData = 
   ResamplingMethod -> {"Interpolation", InterpolationOrder -> 1}];

data = QuantityMagnitude[regularData["Values"]];

3 Replies

You can use PeridogramArray, then take the first half of the resulting series. Remove the first two or three values from this series. And make an adjustment to this last series. Try this program :

data1 = Take[PeriodogramArray[data], (Length[data]/2)]
data2 = Drop[data1, 2]
model = LinearModelFit[data2, x, x]
mo = Normal[model]
pente = mo[[2, 1]]

You can also read my book Fractal Geography

Posted 10 months ago

Thank you, Andre. The link was very useful.

I got the following results. What do you think about these two plots?

How can I calculate the slope (or slopes) of the periodogram? enter image description here

You can have somme information in my web site about the treatment of temporel datas

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