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Mathematica Spreadsheets

Posted 11 years ago
 I am recently very happy with the new line of Wolfram Products i.e. Wolfram Cloud and Mathematica online.

Recently, I had this idea of having a Spreadsheet Interface in mathematica along with the normal interface. This means that a spreadsheet user could open the same
excel file in both Excel and Mathematica. The concept of having an add-in for excel is outdated and not as smooth for the user. When the mathematica spreadsheet is open in Mathematica the user would get access to all the Mathematica functuality in a more user friendly and intuitive way. Plus the spreadsheet should work online too on the pattern of cloud. CDF is a great idea but we must provide a variety of interfaces to attract all the segments of the population. 

Spreadsheets continue to be the main tool used in industry. In order for Mathematica work flows to enter the industry we must somehow approach strategically and make this spreadsheet concept work. 
POSTED BY: Nabeel Butt


POSTED BY: Pedro Fonseca
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