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Is it possible to suppress 'Out[xxx]=' without suppressing 'In[xxx]:='?

Posted 11 years ago
While I have not exhaustively searched Help/Documentation Center for an answer to my question, I have put forth a yeoman's effort without any success.

Does anyone know if it is possible to suppress "Out=" on an on-going basis within a notebook without also suppressing "In:=" and if it is, could you please tell me how?


POSTED BY: Jim Kochanski
4 Replies
One approach is to create a new stylesheet...  or to edit the private stylesheet for the notebook.  

For an example of the latter, choose the Format>Edit Stylesheet menu item.
Then in the "Chooose a Style" dropdown menu choose "Output".  
Then select the cell bracket of the Output  that has been placed in the private stylesheet  and choose the Cell>ShowExpression menu item. 
In the displayed cell expression change it to

Then unselect the  Cell>ShowExpression menu item and close the private stylesheet.  

The result is that your Output cells will no longer have the Out cell lables.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
This page is interesting. It shows how to supress the In[]/Out[] commands only in a print-out of the document:

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Switching both (in and out) off is easy: In the Option Inspector (under Format) choose "Global Preferences". Then go to:

Cell Options->CellLabels->Show Cell Labels

and untick the box.

I just noticed that you want to selectively suppress the Out without suppressing the In; that's more complicated.

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel

First, thank you for your very prompt and informative reply.

Your suggestion is very helpful since I would prefer both off instead of both on.

Regarding the more complicated objective of suppressing 'Out=' without suppressing 'In:=', can you give me any direction so I may chase the answer down?

Thanks, again!


POSTED BY: Jim Kochanski
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